French Press vs Espresso? Choose Your Own Coffee Brewing Style

Coffee lovers know exactly even slight differences in the taste of coffee, depending upon the brewing method.

Some loves bolder one, while others love coffee with lighter taste.

When it comes to coffee brewing, there are two common brewing methods available, namely using French vs Espresso machine. What are the similarities and differences between the two methods? What is better for you? Let’s see the explanation.

It is worth mentioning that French Press and Espresso belong to two different generations. French Press was  made in France as a modern coffee press in its era. The latest form now has changed to Aeropress. Meanwhile, Espresso is a modern coffee-brewing machine.

It is available in different models to fit different needs. For instances, there are espresso machines for personal or household uses. Meanwhile, the coffee shops usually use commercial-grade espresso machine.

French Press Vs Espresso: What are The Difference?

To be more detailed, the following are some common differences of French Press vs Espresso:


Using French Press is the simplest way to brew coffee. You can make a cup of coffee for relatively cheap price, as French Press is easier to afford by any household.

Meanwhile, espresso machine is a not-so-affordable version of brewing equipment. Of course, the price varies widely, depending upon the features, technology behind the machine, and the size or capacity.

Brewing Method

One benefit of French Press compared to espresso machine is quantity. You can put even a liter of coffee at once. 

If you want to serve several cups of coffee at once, French Press can do the job well. Meanwhile, espresso machine brews strong and rich taste of coffee in small amounts.

It will take longer for espresso machine to brew a liter of coffee. However, espresso machines have some advantages over French Press, particularly when it comes to caffeine concentration. 

If you love coffee with deep, stronger taste, French Press is the answer. However, if will work better when brewing a coarser grind, compared to fine grind. Finer grind usually contain more water; therefore, the taste tends to be bitter. Again, you can adjust the brewing strength, depending upon your preferred taste.

Meanwhile, espresso machine produces original taste of coffee. It produces strong black coffee – just the coffee beans. The machine works for almost any type of coffee beans. By using the right size of coffee, you can yield a concentrated beverage that tastes really good. Yes, consistency is a must for espresso enthusiasts.

Caffeine Levels

Actually, one of the similarities of French Press vs Espresso is that both do not use paper filters. Lack of filter allows many of oils and minerals to get into the drink compared to the filter. When it comes to the taste, most coffee lovers love this. However, its health effects are still controversial due to the high caffeine levels.

Talking about caffeine level, espresso has some advantages over French Press. Espresso coffee is extracted at a high temperature. That is why, it yields thick and strong-tasted coffee. On the other hand, espresso coffee is found ti have the lowest concentration of caffeine. Actually, espresso has more caffeine per unit volume. However, since it is usually served in small dosage, the caffeine taken per serving becomes lower.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

French Press is relatively easier to maintain. It has three basic components, which can be cleaned basically by running some water.

On the other hand, espresso machine is known as it requires high maintenance. Even the household-grade espresso machine tends to create a mess in cleaning process, let alone the commercial one. 

You need to deal with moving parts and black remnants of the coffee grounds. Unless they are thoroughly cleaned, the quality and taste of the next cup of espresso will be affected.

You can actually find espresso machine that stays clean longer, but it still requires regular cleaning to maintain its longevity and to make sure consistent taste of espresso you make.


French Press still excels when it comes to portability. It is almost unlikely to drag your espresso machine for a backpacking trip. Actually, you can buy a mini espresso press or portable AeroPress for an outdoor trip. However, the taste of the coffee may not be the same. 

On the other hand, French Press can be easily stuffed into your backpack. You can still enjoy delicious coffee during a camping trip. You can even prepare up to a liter of coffee for a wonderful tea-drinking moment with your friends in the morning. The only thing you need to make sure is availability of the source of clean water.

The Bottom Line

So, what are the true differences of French Press vs espresso?

People said that with espresso machine, sky is the limit, when it comes to technology. Many types of espresso machines come from different manufacturers.

The technology behind the machine varies widely and develops from time to time. 

The same variety also applies for the capacity. You can easily find one for household use. Meanwhile, getting one for commercial use is also hassle-free.

Coffee lovers also favor for espresso machine in terms of taste. The machine brews the coffee at the right heat and pressure, just producing black coffee at consistent taste. As a result, the caffeine concentration is reported to be lower. 

Meanwhile, French Press offers some advantages in different aspects, particularly in terms of price, portability, and capacity. Everyone can afford a French Press as it is relatively more affordable.

It has been around for many years, since the French created the equipment so many years ago. It is still around, as many coffee lovers prove the benefits.

You can also opt for French Press for outdoor use. It has simple parts, which do not require complex assembly, maintenance, and cleaning. Indeed, French Press does not produce the real espresso coffee. However, you can safely go for hiking or picnic and still enjoy a cup of hot coffee anytime.

So, which one is better between French Press vs Espresso machine? The answer is yours. You choose one based on your preferences and coffee-making styles.

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