How to Make Americano at Home Using an Espresso Machine or Not

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Drinking a cup of Americano is a great think to do in my leisure time.

Most of the time, Americano is enjoyable without sugar or milk. Therefore, it must be made with care to make sure that it does not taste too bitter or acid.

The good news is that making nearly perfect Americano is not too difficult. You just need few tricks on how to make Americano at home. Americano is essentially espresso, but, instead of being added with milk, Americano is added with hot water. 

How to Make Americano at Home: Using Espresso Machine

What you need to make great Americano is espresso machine and hot water. Accordingly, great Americano depends on the way you make espresso shot.

Americano still has the espresso character, but you can make it based on your style. If you like milder taste, add more water into the mix. However, if you like stronger Americano, add less water. Again, adjust the taste to your heart’s content.

Here the things you need to prepare before make an amazing Americano :

  1. Prepare a coffee mug or a latte mug. You can pre-heat the mug by adding hot water or putting it into the microwave.
  2. An Espresso machine. If you do not have an espresso machine, follow the steps on how to make espresso without machine.
  3. Espresso coffee beans. You can actually make Americano without using espresso coffee beans. However, the taste will not be the same, because great espresso is the key for great Americano.
  4. A grinder; making espresso from freshly ground coffee bean is my favorite part of coffee-making practice at home. The taste is fresh and this is also the key for high-quality coffee brew. 
  5. A  coffee scale to ensure accuracy
  6. An espresso tamper

The following are the steps how to make Americano:

  1. Make an espresso shot first. Follow the instruction on how to make espresso shot (manually or using machine) here
  2. Prepare a separate glass. Pull 3 oz of espresso shot into the glass.
  3. Pour about 3oz of hot water into the mug
  4. Pour the espresso shot into the mug. Pour it slowly to avoid messing up the beauty of your Americano.
  5. Enjoy your hot Americano

Some coffee lovers prepare pouring the water directly into the espresso shot. However, I prefer pouring the water first and then the espresso shot.

This prevents the espresso shot from being broken apart by the hot water. However, you can try and find one that works best for your style. 

Bonus Step: Making Iced Americano

Have you enjoyed a cup of iced Americano? Try the different variations of the taste. Iced Americano is great to enjoy during the hot summer days. The step is hassle free, despite a tiny bit difference in the process. Instead of pouring hot water into the mug, you can add some cold water. After pouring the espresso into the mug, add some ice. Enjoy it! 

How to Make Americano at Home: Without Espresso Machine

What if you do not have an espresso machine at home?

The previous post discusses an example of making espresso with French Press. In case that you want to prepare a cup of Americano without machine, you can follow the same steps.

Besides using a French Press, you can use an AeroPress or Moka Pot to make the espresso. To make your task easier, the following are the steps on how to make Americano at home by using a Moka Pot in preparing the espresso shot.

Photo by Christopher Rusev on Unsplash

A Moka Pot is also called a Stovetop espresso maker, since you will need a stove for it. This is a less expensive and simple way for preparing espresso coffee.

The following are the steps how to make Americano with Mokapot:

  1. Prepare a Moka Pot, coffee beans, cold filtered water, a grinder, and a warm mug
  2. Grind the coffee beans into espresso-grade fineness
  3. Fill the chamber of Moka Pot with water
  4. Put ground beans into filter basket
  5. Place the Moka Pot on a stove (or any other heat sources like hot plate or an open fire). Boil the water.
  6. While boiling the water, pour 3z hot water into the mug, you will use to enjoy the Americano.
  7. When the espresso in the Moka Pot boils and you the chamber is full of delicious coffee. Remove the Moka Pot from the stove
  8. Pour the espresso into the mug slowly
  9. Enjoy your Americano

What Makes Great Americano?

Espresso are the keys in making great Americano

Once you know how to make espresso shot, making Americano will be a much simpler task. The espresso will taste bitter when it is made into Americano. The hot water dilutes the oil contents in the coffee grounds. Yes, bitter espresso will make wonderful Americano!

The question is “What about the water temperature?”

The answer varies, depending upon the type of coffee grounds and, more importantly, your preference.

Some baristas recommend that the water temperature is at least 185F, but some others recommend around 200F. I prefer the second recommendation. However, the choice may depend upon the bean.

The Bottom Line

Personalization prevails very much in the way people enjoy Americano. I love classic taste, with no extras like sugar or honey. Other coffee lovers may enjoy it by adding honey, sugar, whipped cream, or even cinnamon.

You may need to explore some different sizes and portions to arrive at the perfect Americano. After getting the ideal dose, make sure to keep it. Then, making the next cup of Americano will be much easier. Finally, enjoy it in your own style! 

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