The Basic Things About How To Roast Coffee That You Should Know!

Are you a coffee fan?

And are you interested in learning simple ways how to roast coffee to get good results and the right flavor? Easy!

Until now coffee drinks have never lost their appeal. Although many rivals appear, coffee can always have a place in the hearts of the audience.

It turns out that this is not only because of the delicious taste of coffee but also because this drink turns out to save a lot of good for the body. Even not only to resist drowsiness, but you can also get the benefits of drinking other coffee, such as reducing the risk of heart disease to stroke.

Now, before discussing how to easily learn how to cook your coffee at home, you must first consider some of the good benefits of drinking coffee below!

The Good Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

You need to know that the coffee that is meant here is benefits of black coffee in the morning , which is black coffee without additions such as cream or sugar.

This is because excessive consumption of sugar will be bad for the body, just like consuming sugar or fat contained in the cream. So, do not let the benefits of drinking coffee that can be obtained, it is covered by these adverse effects Coffee does not only contain caffeine.

Various minerals and vitamins, it turns out you can also get from this bitter drink. In one cup of coffee, also contained vitamins B2, B5, Not only that, but it turns out there are also content of magnesium, potassium, and manganese.

Helps Reduce Fat Levels in the Body

Another benefits of black coffee without sugar, of course, comes from the reaction of caffeine in the body. Caffeine is said to help increase metabolism in the body, one of which is in the process of burning fat.

However, the benefits of drinking coffee on this one will be less visible, in people who have had the habit of drinking coffee for a long time.

Can Improve the Quality of Stamina

The benefit of this one comes from the activity of changing the fat which is broken down by caffeine and replaced with energy, which is then used for stamina.

So, it never hurts you to drink black coffee one and a half hour before exercising, because it will help in the process of abortion in the body.

Help You Concentrate

When you drink coffee, the caffeine that you drink will enter the blood, then flow into the brain.

There, caffeine will activate nerves and hormones that can improve various brain functions, such as memory, mood, to mental function in general and give the benefits of coffee for depression.

Because it’s not surprising if you make drinking coffee as one of your mood boosters when you are studying or are feeling upset. Coffee can indeed change the feeling and mind for better.

Reducing the Risk of Diabetes

Black coffee is said to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. This benefit can be obtained by people who drink coffee about four small glasses per day. This is because the coffee you drink can help the metabolic processes in the body, which is very meaningful in maintaining endurance, so it’s not easy to get sick.

It Can Help Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Both are diseases that are caused by errors in the neural network in the human body, both of which are claimed to be unable to be treated but can be treated and finalized the risk. This is what can also be obtained from drinking coffee. Coffee is known to have a calming effect, this is said to help the body to be in a relaxed mode and can deal with the tension of the mind being felt.

The Liver Becomes Protected

Routinely drinking four cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis up to 80%. Cirrhosis is a condition in which scar tissue is formed due to liver damage caused by various other liver disorders, such as hepatitis and fatty liver.

This can be minimized by drinking coffee, because of the nature of caffeine which can help break down fat in the body and gives you benefits of coffee weight loss.

Those are some of the goodness of coffee, which you might get from the process of drinking coffee with the right and sufficient quantities and quantities every day.

Then how do you roast coffee to drink every day?

Things You Should Know Before Roasting a Coffee

How to roast coffee is not an arbitrary matter. You can’t just put coffee in the appliance, then pour water casually, without doing special concoctions. But coffee roasting is also not complicated and very annoying.

It can be very fun and addictive. The coffee bean roasting process is carried out to change the chemical compounds in coffee. To produce characteristics and distinctive taste in coffee.

This process causes the color of coffee beans to change. But the color, taste, and aroma of coffee beans produced, is determined by the roast plan.

Decide What Kind of Coffee that You Want

Before determining the roasting method used, the roasters will look at the condition of the coffee beans. Starting from the density to the moisture content of coffee beans.

For those of you who want to learn the basic coffee roasting, two basic roasting methods are often used. There are two basic, namely fast roast and slow roast.

Fast roast or slow roast itself can we use depending on the target result that we want. It also depends on the water content in coffee beans. Third, depending on the density of coffee beans.

After we know the data at the beginning, we can make a roasting plan. From the roasting plan that we make, we can know which fast roast or slow roast is right to use.

The Difference Between Fast Roast and Slow Roast

The difference between fast roast and slow roast itself lies in the time and temperature of the grill. Fast roast method to roast coffee beans with high temperatures but in a faster time.

Conversely, the slow roast method roasted coffee beans with low temperature and in a longer time. Each method certainly produces a different taste and aroma.

Usually, if you want more acidity and aroma coffee, you can tend to process it with a fast roast. But if the coffee you want tends to be sweeter and lighter, and you want the intensity that is not too thick, then you can try the slow roast technique.

For those of you who are just learning, it’s a good idea to try the coffee bean roasting technique by supplying coffee beans that have a balanced flavor.

Not too acidic, and not too sweet. I want the light, full flavor, flavorful, and cleaner after taste.

Those are some discussions about the best coffee for your health, as well as a general introduction to how to roast coffee techniques.

So, are you ready to try roasting your coffee at home?

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